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Huawei | Q2 Mesh Wifi Router

Q2 Mesh Wifi Router Hauwei Technology blending into home interior For over ten years, we have been collaborating with Huawei to push the boundaries of design and technology, and our latest project is no exception. Our long-term partnership with Huawei has resulted in the creation of innovative products that seamlessly integrate into people’s lives. The […]

Bang & Olufsen | Beosound Theatre

Beosound Theatre Bang & Olufsen Raising the bar Beosound Theatre is the centrepiece to the Bang & Olufsen cinema experience. 12 drivers in a compact body, modular combinable with almost any TV, to create a setup that reshapes the definition of a soundbar. Client | Bang & Olufsen Sector | Audio Year | 2022 Create […]

Heimplanet | The Cave

The Cave Heimplanet Waking up the camping industry On a surf beach in Portugal, the great idea for an inflatable tent was born. But what sounds good in theory doesn’t always work in practice. We found a way for the founders of Heimplanet to make their dream come true by building on existing solutions, making […]

Satisloh | ART-Deblocker 2

DeBlocker-2 Satisloh Precision engineering – Redefining the next generation In mechanical engineering, design takes a different perspective. Where we focus on improving usability, cost structure efficiency and process innovation to create a strong competitive edge in the market. For Satisloh, a global leader for optical lens machining, Noto was able to cut manufacturing costs by […]

Crestron | Remote

Smart Remote Control Crestron Elegance & functionality The next generation of remote systems for Crestron eliminates complexity and follows a consistent design language. We started the project by thoroughly analyzing the current Crestron remote control portfolio. Our strategic recommendation was to reduce the Crestron remote-portfolio from four devices to two attractive newly designed products by […]

Katimex | Kati Blitz Compact 2.0

Kati Blitz Compact 2.0 Katimex Product strategy for a market leader The original Katimex KatiBlitz was the first for cable feeding tools in the construction industry. But competitors quickly caught up over the course of a product cycle with improved functionality and design, leading Katimex to adopt a new product strategy. Client | Katimex Sector […]

Katimex | Kati® Blitz Mini

Kati® Blitz Mini Katimex® Solutions for a market-leading product Cable installation can be cumbersome, especially in the existing urban context where the conduits are blocked by older cables.  We worked with our longtime partner Katimex® to iterate a solution which significantly improved the cable installation process for its clients and to increase their product portfolio. […]

Vision Ears | Erlkönig

Erlkönig​ Vision Ears Perfect sound & custom ergonomics Vision Ears is a small company from Cologne, Germany, which has made professional musicians and music lovers all over the world happy with their outstanding custom made in-ear monitoring headphones. When they came to us to drop their first universal headphones on the market, we had to […]

Artifact | LVL-01

Artifact LVL Industries A partnership that complements each other Artifact is a collaborative business venture with an OEM-manufacturer who approached us to enter the premium keyboard market.  In Noto, he found a one-stop partner for the entire product and brand development process. While he focused on high-end manufacturing, we took care of the product design, […]

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