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We share an unconditional love for great products, with more than 20 years of design experience.

Our Design Process
Design Language
CMF - Color, Material and Finish
Our Design Process

We value a collaborative atmosphere where bold ideas can come to life

Exploration & Vision Concepts

We initiate each design process by assessing your market segment and pinpointing its innovation potential to match individual customer needs. These insights, applied to your brand values, are the basis for vision concepts that aim to enhance your competitive advantage in the industry.

Refinement & Manufacturing

In close partnership we then revise, sharpen and bring every detail to perfection in accordance with your preference. We prototype your design and complete extensive user testing to meet our high-quality standards. And finally, we can source experienced manufacturing partners to turn your product to market reality.

Cardboard prototypes of the Beolab28 stand at the Noto Design Szudio.
Design Language

We can help to create your unique and consistent product portfolio

Your design guideline is a long-term performance strategy that aligns with your brand’s core values. It strengthens your recognition in the industry through a coherent product portfolio, explicit rules for logo treatment, interface & interaction logic, and an affluent language for product visualization. These translate into a tangible and consistent perception of your brand across all touchpoints.

CMF - Color, Material and Finish

With CMF we define the look & feel of your brand ambassador

With color, material and finish products come to live. We help our clients with CMF concepts that either define a dedicated positioning for the product or are open for various treatments (directions) to simplify the life-cycle management. Our team knows about the newest developments, more sustainable solutions and has the sensitivity for trends, cultural meanings and brand values to develop and apply successful CMF-concepts.

Sample review of the Beolab28 at Noto Design studio.
Color and Trim collage for the Beolab28 speaker.

What do you expect from your next product?

We are open to discuss your challanges and to suggest a plan of attack how we can make you stronger.

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