Design Strategy

No design project can sustain without strategic thinking.

Design research
Innovation & Roadmap Development
Sustainability / Circular Economy Strategies
Design Research

We listen, observe and learn

Through interviews, workshops, ethnographic surveys and market analyses we gain valuable insights about user needs, behaviours and trends. Based on a deep understanding of the contextual environment and a close dialogue with your costumer, we enable ourselves to refine your value proposition.

Innovation & Roadmap Development

We help to identify and outline opportunities for new business

Are you looking for future business potential, growth design strategies or entry into a new market? We help you innovate in your industry by tapping into the market dynamics and adapting your business model, value proposition or product portfolio with a deep understanding of human behavior. Our innovation process is built on research-based insights, a close dialogue with your target group and a pioneering design DNA.

Sustainability / Circular Economy Strategies

We support to improve your ecological footprint

Whether through new manufacturing methods, sustainable materials or a circular economy concept. The production and consumption model that in practice extends your product life cycle, minimizes waste and increases the overall efficiency of your production process. Our goal is to design for a positive future, in which sustainability creates success, both for your brand and our environment.

Are you ready for the future?

We are open to discuss your challanges and to suggest a plan of attack how we can make you stronger.

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