Maezio™ Chair


A new direction for a new material

When Covestro introduced us to its new material, a continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite, and asked us to create a design study, we didn’t start with typical product-oriented ideation.

Instead, we developed scenarios of different usage of the material. Taking the most relevant decision criteria – being a good communication tool for the material properties – into account led us to a chair as one of the most classical and symbolic design statements at all.

Client | Covestro
Sector | Furniture
Year | 2019
Front view rendering of Covestro Maezio Chair.

The underlining potential

The chair design underlines the aesthetic power of Maezio and shows its great potential in terms of production capable application in the furniture industry and beyond.

The visual appearance combines modern high-tech material with organic, wood-like structures. Furthermore, the connecting elements can be molded directly onto the components, so that manual process steps are not required.

Rendering of Covestro Maezio Chair.
Disassembly rendering of Maezio chair.

With design principle to the origin

Maezio chair is based on an oversized view of how the Maezio™ material is produced in small scale. Endless, filmy fibers are set up parallel next to each other and covered with polycarbonate. The goal was to generate maximum load capacity with minimal material thickness.

Since the material has been left in its raw condition, the orientation of the fibers are visible, so that the entanglement of the fiber directions refer directly to the origin of the material.

Back view of MaezioChair.
Back detail view of MaezioChair.
Three color variations of Covestro Mazio Chair.
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