The Cave


Waking up the camping industry

On a surf beach in Portugal, the great idea for an inflatable tent was born. But what sounds good in theory doesn’t always work in practice. We found a way for the founders of Heimplanet to make their dream come true by building on existing solutions, making the product as cost-effective as possible, without compromising the quality.

Client | Heimplanet
Sector | Outdoor
Year | 2011

Hands-on results via the minimum viable product

Our experience in lean product development, and our capacity for innovation, meant that we could hit the ground running as soon as Heimplanet approached us. 

To avoid time-consuming technical testing, we leveraged proven technologies and began prototyping the minimal viable product for immediate user feedback.

Constructing original ideas with visual impact

Looking at similar production methods, we found inspiration in the world of kite-surfing. These large, durable kites utilize inflatable structures in order to hold their form.

We adapted this idea into The Diamond Grid, the iconographic design form that became the base for Heimplanet’s tent designs. The idea was original: an inflatable exoskeleton with a fabric outer shell, stitched together to help the tent keep its form. This archetypal construction combined stability and performance with visual impact – the best ingredients for a winning outdoor lifestyle product.


The road to success

In the final prototyping process, we invited experienced outdoor journalists to test our product. Their honest feedback and insights, including the experiences with other brands, helped us to eliminate flaws in the product and refine key details.

The Cave was a blasting success. From there, we helped create two further designs for different tents, in the process laying a foundation for the brand to thrive.

„Together with Noto, we were able to consequently make the sometimes radical – but necessary – decisions in all phases of product development, right up to the implementation.“

Stefan Clauss, Co-Founder & CEO / Heimplanet