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Design in case of life-or-death

Alpine lifestyle and equipment brand Ortovox was looking to innovate in a highly competitive industry. Avalanche transceivers and avalanche probes are niche products, but crucial to search and rescue efforts in the minutes following an avalanche. We helped to update these products, to save time – and lives.

Ortovox partnered with us in the hopes of capturing a larger share of the market for specialized equipment.

Client | Ortovox
Sector | Gear
Year | 2012

Understanding the industry

We were briefed on two key industry-specific requirements. Firstly, every source of error must be eliminated from the products –this could be the difference between life and death – and secondly, trust is paramount, meaning products must be high-quality and reliable.

Ortovox were looking for a partner who understood the industry, its business, and the specific requirements of its products. We could make the product development process as swift as possible to get the items to market quickly.

Disruptive technology that eliminates errors

We began by researching the probe. Traditional models were clumsy and fiddly to assemble, especially in cold environments where users would be wearing gloves. This could cost valuable search and rescue time.

A patented, specialized locking technology was being used in the lighting industry only, so we designed a new application for the system: an innovative closure that latches on its own which is failsafe – impossible to open the wrong way.

Optimizing the product development process

Ortovox had previously faced challenges with the product development process. 

We assumed a project management role to ensure that time and money was utilised responsibly and effectively. We also worked to make the product development process as cost-effective as possible so that the transceiver could enter the market in a lower price segment.

“Noto developed a patentable unique selling proposition for us in the saturated avalanche probe market. After the implementation of the solution, we were able to raise our market share from 18% to 24%.”

Dieter Kotlaba – Head of Hardware / Ortovox Sportartikel GmbH
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