Diract Voice


Trusted in case of emergency

Ortovox has a tradition of developing products for some of the harshest environments on the planet. Products that might look and feel like simple handheld devices, but are packed with latest technology and have the capability to save lives in case of emergency. One of them is the new avalanche transceiver DIRACT, which we designed for Ortovox.

Client | Ortovox
Sector | Equipment
Year | 2021
Two Ortovox Diract Voice in different angles flying against blue background.

Design on the edge - Usability that saves lifes

Ortovox Diract Voice held in glove hand in snow environment.
Ortovox Diract Voice in search mode showing the rescue direction on display.
Ortovox Diract Voice in send mode showing its status and battery level on display.

Avalanche tranceivers come into play, when it’s all about rescuing a companion buried under the snow or being found by the partner. Thus the DIRACT needs to be fast and intuitive to use, with an interface that communicates clear functions as failsafe as possible.

Our design follows the approach of reducing complexitiy, giving each function a different interaction and a specific location. Some functions were even stripped down to the essentials to save valuable seconds: Folding out the antenna automatically starts the searching process.

Three Ortovox Diract Voice in different angles flying in front of a neutral background.

Made for specialized professionals

In designing the DIRACT we needed a deep understanding for the environment, the use case and the target group. For this highly specialized user the DIRACT was designed closer to a tool than a product. Completely sealed against water and tightly built with a shockproof housing.

Ortovox Diract Voice held in glove hand in snow environment.

The DIRACT is designed in close cooperation with the team at Ortovox to ensure highest levels of manufacturing. Sustainability comes in different forms. In this case we reduced travel distances for the team and the product itself to a minimum.

Front view of Ortovox Diract Voice in send mode visible on its display.

The close team work with the engineering department led to a design, incorporating best antenna performance and a housing that utilizes the sealing as an aesthetic and functional part at the same time.

Arty rendering of the Ortovox Diract Voice getting hit by an dusty cloud.

Clear, failsafe usability

In case of an avalanche, it’s important to stay calm and focused, thus the interaction elements are bold and clearly indicated ensuring a safe use especially with gloves on.

Back view of Ortovox Diract Voice in front of grey background.
Image of snowy hills illuminated by the setting sun.
Close up shot of Ortovox Diract Voice with open usb-c port cover.
Group rendering of Ortovox Diract Voice, lying on blue background on front and back.
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