Kati Blitz Compact 2.0


Product strategy for a market leader

The original Katimex KatiBlitz was the first for cable feeding tools in the construction industry. But competitors quickly caught up over the course of a product cycle with improved functionality and design, leading Katimex to adopt a new product strategy.

Client | Katimex
Sector | Tools
Year | 2016

Insight through design research

Aesthetically pleasing does not always translate into a functional or feasible product design. When Katimex approached us, they had already gone through some unpleasant experiences.

To solve Katimex’s problem, we started with user research, visited construction sites and worked with tradesmen. In this way, we were able to understand how the product is used, and we got a wealth of ideas about what is important and how to improve the product

Optimized form and function

On the one hand, we have simplified handling. Winding, storage and ergonomics make the new KatiBlitz one of the most user-friendly cable eaters on the market. On the other, we could design a tool with contemporary shape and decent a packaging design that appeals to the new generation of electricians.

Transformation into a new icon

The new KatiBlitz has regained its position as the category leader. As Katimex did twenty years ago, they developed the best possible solution for cable handling in a contemporary way. From our point of view, we mastered one of the most difficult tasks in product design during our collaboration: Redesigning what was once already perfect.