KWIO for kids - Rapid-fire branding in 7 months

Dragons, princesses and dinosaurs are full of excitement. Kids can’t get enough of them, at first. But soon enough they grow older and lose interest. As a result, toys and accessories with lots of decoration often end up back in the closet.

To solve this problem, we teamed up with Thorsten Frackenpohl, Noto’s co-founder, and designed KWIO, a timeless kids watch brand that our children can enjoy for years to come.

Client | KWIO
Sector | WAerable
Year | 2021

From idea to product launch in 7 months

Good things take time. For KWIO, with the help of our supply chain network, only about half a year. Throughout the entire product development process, packaging design and the new corporate identity, which we embedded into an online store.

Flexible for future expansions

KWIO’s color palette inspires creativity by combining five harmonic colors in its corporate design. Which opens up future opportunities to expand the KWIO brand beyond watches into a broad range of kid’s accessories. The brand name itself was evaluated in a target group survey and found to be easy to pronounce in many languages.

The proof of concept

Time and money were crucial to bootstrap KWIO. We created the brand in an iterative, forward-thinking process that gives structure to its design, while making it easy to adapt and optimize for the future based on immediate market feedback.

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