Artifact LVL


A partnership that complements each other

Artifact is a collaborative business venture with an OEM-manufacturer who approached us to enter the premium keyboard market. 

In Noto, he found a one-stop partner for the entire product and brand development process. While he focused on high-end manufacturing, we took care of the product design, packaging experience, brand language and our online store. A perfect match.

Client | Artifact Industries
Sector | Input devices
Year | 2022

Every detail makes a sound

Keyboard design proved to be a science in itself. Where the sum of all components led to the perfect tapping sound our target group was looking for. In order to not only meet premium demand, but to actually involve the end user, we applied a participatory design approach.

What is participatory Design?

Participatory design is a collaborative approach that actively involves stakeholders such as customers, end users and partners in the design process. For Artifact, we created a Discord and Geek Hack channel, where we could gain constant feedback from the community during the development process.

A brand language for future generations

For Artifact, we developed a custom font that users can download and interact with. Its brand language is based on abstract form and inspired by state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. Both the product and the corporate design are in line with the premium, collectible tech market and leave room for future expansion.

Artifact is the living example of a cross-industry partnership designed to complement each other.