Precision engineering - Redefining the next generation

In mechanical engineering, design takes a different perspective. Where we focus on improving usability, cost structure efficiency and process innovation to create a strong competitive edge in the market.

For Satisloh, a global leader for optical lens machining, Noto was able to cut manufacturing costs by taking a universal, modular approach to its next-generation product family.

Client | Satisloh
Sector | Industrial
Year | 2021

Efficient by design

Our modular design of Satisloh’s precision machines optimizes individual parts for production and gives greater accessibility to its workers. The new, automatically opening hood offers safer handling with more space while improving the workpiece feed on the conveyor belt. Overall, saving lead time, lowering production costs and improving maintenance ability.

Differentiation through identity

Brand recognition and a systematic, consistent design language are of increasing significance for modern engineers. We have harmonized Satisloh’s appearance with a distinct, customer-oriented design that is easily scalable for different types of product lines in the future.

Prototyping in Virtual Reality

By using VR in the prototyping stage, we were able to shortcut the time to market for Satisloh while saving a substantial amount of expenses in the process.