A reliable hardware companion for chemists in- & outside the lab

With COATINO, an artificial intelligence for specialized chemicals, Evonik had already positioned themselves at the digital forefront of the industry. 

Yet, to take Evonik’s vision beyond the digital, Noto was entrusted with designing their very first hardware product. A high performance smart speaker for chemists, both in the laboratory as in modern office environments.

Client | Evonik
Sector | Automation
Year | 2021

Understanding the Evonik brand formula

From technicians in the lab to senior vice presidents. The new COATINO smart speaker should speak to everyone inside the Evonik ecosystem. And to create a proper reaction for both environments, Noto set out to understand these contexts firsthand. By visiting the lab, observing workflows, and conducting interviews, we were able to pinpoint the necessary requirements for Evonik’s very first hardware product.

Defining the product requirements

Our research could identify four key features. Portability, for flexible positioning. A small footprint, to occupy as little workspace as possible. An omnidirectional approach for accessibility & visibility. As well as a clear interface with distinct user feedback. 

Among others, one main requirement is the need for privacy in cooperate environments. Therefore, we ensure confidentiality by adding a push button on the top that allows the microphones to be manually turned off at any time.

The pure technical & perceived digitalist

After an in depth competitive analysis, we decided, together with Evonik, on a technical but expressive design positioning that would underline the industry’s leading edge while representing a reliable high performance tool. An ambassador for Evonik’s vision of a digital chemistry infrastructure.

Easy to assemble, repair & recycle

To withstand laboratory conditions, product surfaces are easy to clean, robust and protected from moisture. With a sleek and futuristic look that blends into the lab. Our design concept ensures repairability without any glue and the packaging is made of a recycled cardboard with white unicolored graphic artwork.

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