Beosound Moment

Bang & Olufsen

A new user experience

Over the last few years, the consumption of music has changed from heavy HIFI units to mobile speakers controlled by smart devices.

We have gotten used to the comfort of playing music wherever we are, to having more digitally enabled options than ever before. Pressing play is still our most used action though. Most of the time, many of the options are not needed. They compromise our experience. This is a challenge for user experience design.

Client | Bang & Olufsen
Sector | Home Entertainment
Year | 2015

Two-faced concept division

With the Beosound Moment, you can have either all options or simple usage. To this end, we thought about the metaphor of the two faces of a coin: Respecting both needs equally and developing a two-faced device. Consequently, we divided the experience into two interfaces. 

One offers the digital universe of features, the other being reduced and simple. The result is a disruptive piece of domesticated technology, made for music lovers.

Between choice and simplicity

The BeoSound Moment offers both: If you just want to enjoy music, touch the wooden interface. The music will intelligently fit into your daily rhythm. The wooden face is all about effortless enjoyment. And if you want to go deeper and manage the details, just touch the digital interface. Browse, tune or adjust your experience. The digital face is all about control. 

The BeoSound Moment is an iconic device to enjoy music the way you want. A visual and haptic sensation in everyday use.

Creating success by thinking ahead

By building on market change, the BeoSound Moment provides a new quality of experience. It enriches life and induces new growth in the company. When being nominated as „Best domestic design 2016“ the magazine ‘Wallpaper’ wrote about it: “Designed by Noto, this is the ultimate in elegant, fingertip control for a wireless music system.“

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