Beolab 28

Bang & Olufsen

Powerful sound in a slender design

With the Beolab 28, we have defined a new level of acoustic performance in the B&O column speaker category by transforming the base into a powerful woofer cabinet, keeping a slim appearance that complements any interior. As a floor-standing or wall-mounted design.

Client | Bang & Olufsen
Sector | Audio
Year | 2021

The legacy of B&O speakers continues

Column speakers have a strong heritage at Bang & Olufsen. They create elegance and great impression in the smallest space.

In our long-term partnership with B&O, we pursue a holistic vision that focuses on both the tradition and future of the brand. Noto’s design of the Beolab28 completes the high-end speaker portfolio while reflecting future living in the home.

Front view of wall mounted Beolab28.
Close up of the Beolab28 touch display and closed wood curtain.
Close up of the Beolab28 touch display and half open wood curtain.
Close up of the Beolab28 touch display and open wood curtain.

The curtains open, and the magic begins

When turned on, the speaker opens its wooden curtains for a magical cinematic experience.

The Beam Width Control can be adjusted in two ways: Narrow mode focuses the sound to create a directed sweet spot by minimizing sidewall reflections. Wide mode opens up the listening area and fills the room with rich and colorful sound.

The intuitive touch user interface we designed on top of the device allows easy handling directly at the speaker, making it the first of its kind in this category.

Several Beolab28 in different colorways.
Color and Trim collage for the Beolab28 speaker.
Detail shot of the semi-transparent Beolab28 stand to see the techniclal parts inside.

A brave partner is a story of success

The partnership between Bang & Olufsen and Noto is a story of success that has resulted – once again – in an impressively versatile all-in-one speaker that combines acoustic innovation with timeless interior design.

Top view of the Beolab28 Display.
Close up of the Beolab 28 stand.
Close up of the Beolab28 touch display.
Beolab28 bottom part exploration from cardboard models to final product.
Sample review of the Beolab28 at Noto Design studio.
Sample review of the Beolab28 at Noto Design studio.
Close up of sketching process for Beolab28.

Stunning from a distance - mesmerizing in its detailing.

Ambiente shot of Beolab28 in front of a nude wall with sun reflections.
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