Vision Ears

Perfect sound
& custom ergonomics

Vision Ears is a small company from Cologne, Germany, which has made professional musicians and music lovers all over the world happy with their outstanding custom made in-ear monitoring headphones.

When they came to us to drop their first universal headphones on the market, we had to ask ourselves how it’s possible to integrate their highly complex technology into such an already ambitiously tiny ergonomic product.

Sector | Consumer electronics
Year | 2020
Front view of the Vision Ears Erlkönig In-ear Headphones with cable.

Ergonomics that matches the sound

Exploded view of the Erlkönig headphones with all technical components inside.
Ergonomics study to find the perfekt in-ear headphone shapes.

Focus in precision

Ergonomics played the central role from the beginning. Since Vision Ear’s focus has been on making unique pieces so far, they had a comprehensive 3D collection of scans and custom-made models that served as basis for our shape finding process. 

The challenge was not just to find the optimal fit, but also to create enough space to ideally install the complicated technology inside.

A match for everyone

Technically Erlkönig provides the possibility to choose between four different sound types. A rotary switch enables adjustment. It’s hidden under a magnetic faceplate, which forms the design counterpart to the technical individualization. The optional silver, gold, rose gold or black faceplates can be exchanged at will.

Premium & exclusive materials

Precious metals are robust, corrosion-resistant, extremely durable and among the most popular materials in the luxury segment. The housing of the Vision Ears Erlkönig is made of 925 silver.

Its silk mat finish makes it insensitive to everyday signs of wear.

Front view of the open Erlkönig product box, with the Headphones and exchangeable faceplates inside.
Erlkönig product box both open and closed, with the Headphones and exchangeable faceplates inside.