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Technology has the capacity to enhance the way we live. But the promise of ‘seamless’ solutions and multi-purpose products has created an appetite for more. Limitless options sound like an incredible gift, but when it comes to functionality, it is a new story.

We, like so many others, had ́multi-function fatigue ́- too many options, not enough quality. we created Beosound Essence as a testament to innovative product design, returning to an age of pure simplicity. In doing so, we discovered a new way to press play.

Client | bang & olufsen
Sector | Home Entertainment
Year | 2014

Finding insight-driven solutions

As a human centered design agency, we are interested in lifestyle evolution and are always mindful of the customer experience. We want to create life-enriching solutions that declutter, minimise distractions and avoid adding to life’s white noise. 

When working with this audio technology, we considered the role of intangible components in how we interact with the world.

Making music more accessible

Bang & Olufsen has a heritage of understanding user behaviour and aspiring to create elegant products that echo this. From the beginning, we were addressing two conflicts: how to make a dislocated music environment feel complete – and how to simplify technology for the user to make music more accessible.

Our customer insights revealed that many products, designs and applications were trying to do everything for everyone, rather than focusing on doing key things really well. When creating the BeoSound Essence, we explored intuition, instinct and simplicit

Intuitive product design

When it came to concept design and product architecture, we looked at key environmental elements, light and sound. We were inspired by the simplicity of a light switch controlling light – and we wanted to design something for music that captured this powerful sense of purpose. 

We wanted to deliver this in a way that felt natural and effortless for the customer and improved their experience. Using the BeoMusic app, you can pick up where you left off, listening to music from a range of sources.

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