Smart Remote Control


Elegance & functionality

The next generation of remote systems for Crestron eliminates complexity and follows a consistent design language.

We started the project by thoroughly analyzing the current Crestron remote control portfolio. Our strategic recommendation was to reduce the Crestron remote-portfolio from four devices to two attractive newly designed products by moving away from pure functionality on to tangible experiences. 

Client | Crestron
Sector | Home Entertainment
Year | 2019

Ergonomics in the

The guiding principle behind the concept of the new remotes: Reducing complexity to increase aesthetic quality. With a button layout structured in clearly organized fields we created a clear, ergonomic design, free from single buttons. 

One innovative detail of this product is the bundling of the rarely used traditional colored push-buttons in a single push-button. After activating it, the LEDs in the circle change their colors and assume the appropriate functions.

The buttons are slightly concave, giving them a comfortable, precise button feeling and reducing light reflexes on the surface. The concise geometry of the control panel offers quick orientation, conveys harmony and provides a welcome change to the previous complex designs.

The wraparound edge is emphasized with contrasting degrees of glossiness which creates an appearance of high quality, thins the appearance of the remote and provides an attractive contrast to the softly rounded rear shell. This contrasting glossiness ins combination with the accurate, minimal seams gives the remote a stylish appearance.

Success of a strong collaboration

We focused on a strong collaboration with our partners in order to achieve the quality of the conceived design. Reduced designs in particular demand a high-quality solution to send a clear message.

Together, we pursued the goal of increasing the attractiveness and simplifying the handling of the remote controls.