Swisscom TV


High-tech for the modern living

Together with Swisscom, we developed the new TV Box & Remote, which offers users completely new functions beyond the usual TV experience.

The goal of our collaboration was to create awareness for an electronic product that seamlessly blends into the modern living environment and focuses on user engagement, while appearing less technical and isolated

Client | Swisscom
Sector | Entertainment
Year | 2020
Frontal shot of Swisscom tv box 2 and Remote.

Designing a brand-new product category

The TV Box is a new product category for the Swisscom brand that combines the aesthetics of a decorative centerpiece for the living room with the technical details of high-quality acoustics. 

This combination required very close communication between various stakeholders, with our team involved not only in the design development, but also in the conception and implementation of the project throughout the entire process.

Close-up of the fabric and buttons of the swisscom tv box.

The fabric of supply chain management

The speaker in the upper part of the box is covered with a robust, yet transparent acoustic fabric, which enables the best possible sound and microphone performance. Working closely with Swisscom’s OEM manufacturer, we found the best possible quality, material and finish of the fabric.

Close up of swisscom tv box and remote on light blue background.
Swisscom TV Box 2 laying on light blue background.

Design concept “Pillow”.
The ‘pillow’ design is essentially characterized by its soft appearance, large radiuses and matt finish.
The rounded and slightly curved surfaces of the housing create a direct reference to furniture and plastic decorative objects.

Close up of two flying Swisscom Tv box remote controls.

The associated remote control also follows this design strategy. The continuously soft shape makes it especially ergonomic.

The silk-matt finish of the plastic parts reminiscents of ceramic and makes the box and remote look soft in any lighting situation.

Frontal shot of Swisscom tv box 2 with light up LED bar.

The Swisscom TV Box and Remote is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2020.

Environmant shot of Swisscom Tv box and remote laying on a comode next to a TV.
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