Mercury Mini


Optimize your next conference call

The Mercury Mini is the more compact and advanced successor to the Mercury. A solution optimized for various conference situations, whether in a home office or an open-plan office.

Together with the Smart Soundbar and other products, the Mercury Mini follows the brand language we developed for Crestron’s Industrial Design.

Client | Crestron
Sector | conferencing
Year | 2017

The main features in focus

One of the typical features of the product family is the clear segmentation of the functional areas. With focus on the interface and interaction.

The Mercury Mini has a 360° design that allows the status to be read from all sides. The display is tilted towards the user, which gives the device an upward character and at the same time a clear orientation. The speaker is mirror-inverted to the screen and is covered with a specially made metal mesh.

Bridge character

The interface and speaker cover span over the compact main chassis like an arch. The perceived volume is greatly reduced while hovering above the floor. Functional elements such as ventilation and cable routing are easily integrated without visible notice.

Cable management instead of tangled cables

The required cables are pulled in and organized either manually or automatically with the optional cable retractor from Crestron, which is built into the table.

Guideline for a new product family

While working with Crestron, we developed a design guideline that gives the industrial design an individual, optimized and concise identity for the brand. Taking this guideline into account, several products have already been created, including the Smart Soundbar.

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