Beolab 8

Bang & Olufsen

Beolab 8 - a true allrounder.

The Beolab 8 is the most versatile speaker there has ever been in the Bang&Olufsen portfolio. Its compact design and multi-directional design approach allow the speaker to be placed anywhere in the room in any desired configuration.

Client | Bang & Olufsen
Sector | Audio
Year | 2023

Years of audio expertise in the most compact form factor.

The ultimate flexibility

Beolab 8 works as a stand alone speaker or in a fully embedded system. To realize every possible use-case it has the most versatile & easy-to-install stand program in bang&olufsen history. In close collaboration with the engineering team we developed of a wide array of stand options: floor and table stands as well as wall and ceiling brackets including the respective interfaces. A crucial factor during the design process was to ensure gorgeous looks from all angles, no matter the bracket or stand the speaker is mounted onto.

A modular system of mounting interfaces enables a wide spectrum of applications. A Y-shaped spline is the core of the system and can be attached to various hinge options to allow every possible movement.

The spline is attached to the bracket and serves as a hook from which the speaker can be hung. Once the speaker is placed safely cables can be routed and finally covered with the rear split door. To release the speaker a clamp inside the cavity functions as a release button.

Depending on the mounting configuration the hinges have to represent a huge varierty of different angles. Up, down and even axial rotation. All hinges are based on the same extrusion profile and only receive modifications in secondary operations.

Orbital cutting as a design principle

The starting point for the design is based on a sphere fused with a cylindrical shape. Through an orbital cut the front opens and accommodates the drivers, while the shell remains structurally strong and the bottom of the sphere untouched. The volume is divided into separate parts to visually create the smallest volume possible, yet every element – the shell, the front, the back & the top – is connected and fulfills a function which goes beyond the pure aesthetics.

Build to last

To enable easy color configurations, the front cover as well as the aluminum parts can be removed tool-less. As the front is opened for acoustics, the back is opened to allow an easy access to the Mozart module to allow platform updates without a full dissassmebly.

Beolab 8 is built to be repaired and updated over time to ensure an optimal life cycle management.

The missing piece in the best stereo speaker portfolio ever.

Family picture

Even though every design decision is based on it’s functional purpose, we also made sure that the speaker perfectly fits into the existing system. The round curves and smooth sides make perfect sense for the acoustics and follow the same design language of Beosound Theatre, Beolab 28, Beolab 50. They all become part of a consistent product family and share the same geometric basic shapes as origin.

The Beolab 8 also shares the same features from a functional perspective with it’s other family members. A light indicator hidden in a gap at the front indicates the beam-width control to give the user comprehensible feedback of the active mode.

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