Mobile Wifi-Router


Product development based on human centered design

In an age governed by 4G and 5G mobile connections, the demand for the mobile router remains very high in markets around the world. As the global market leader in the mobile router product category, Huawei products are used by millions of people. This creates an equal measure of challenges and opportunities for the tech giant.

When huawei sought to expand its portfolio, consistency was key. We spoke the universal design language that they were looking for.

Client | Huawei
Sector | Communication
Year | 2013

When product design experience translates to product design instinct

Product functionality was the driving factor of the final design. From the beginning, the product development process took into consideration different cultures and lifestyles. In other words, it needed to deliver its purpose in an intuitive manner for its users. To us, this meant human centered design.

Our detailed understanding of industrial production served as a valuable advantage through the whole process, as we could mitigate any potential manufacturing problems from the start, ensuring an attractive and successful final product.

Sustainable design thinking

Combining our product development expertise with our intuitive understanding of human centered design, we developed a range of Huawei mobile routers that suited the needs of mainstream users around the world.

Modelled on an extra-battery charging cell, our designs brought function to the foreground, paving the way for a simple, sustainable design language which will enable Huawei to consistently develop other products into the future.

An award-winning partnership

We have worked with Huawei for more than six years, and the strength of our collaboration lies in our shared focus on seamlessly implementing new products, saving time and money. 

Huawei devices designed by Noto have won numerous design awards including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and iF Product Design Award.

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