Q2 Mesh Wifi Router


Technology blending into home interior

For over ten years, we have been collaborating with Huawei to push the boundaries of design and technology, and our latest project is no exception.

Our long-term partnership with Huawei has resulted in the creation of innovative products that seamlessly integrate into people’s lives.

The new router we designed combines Huawei’s technological advancements with our design expertise to provide high-performance internet access that seamlessly blends into contemporary home environments.

Client | Huawei
Sector | communication
Year | 2017

Seamlessly integrating technology into the home environment

At Noto, we believe that technology should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By designing the router with a sleek and slender ceramic-inspired look that blends seamlessly into contemporary home environments, we have made it part of the interior. Providing high-performance internet access without sacrificing style.

Innovative design for better performance

With the Huawei Q2 Mesh Wifi Router, we have taken an innovative approach to design by incorporating mesh network technology to improve internet access in homes. To achieve the desired appearance and functionality of the router, we have smartly integrated the necessary ventilation perforations into a groove, making the ventilation and antenna system invisible to ensures a sleek and elegant look without compromising the performance.

User-friendly plug'n'play technology

Our goal with the Q2 Mesh Router is to provide a simple and failsafe experience without any hassle for the user.

Focusing on user-centered design ensures that the Huawei Mesh Router is not only functional but also intuitive to use. The router can be connected to HiLink Smart Home devices with just one click, making it a plug’n’play product.